About Us

Holy Smokes!

You made it to the 'About Us’ page. I’m impressed! You’re doing your due diligence and that is fantastic! Let’s start with who we are today and then I’ll tell you where we came from.

LCDcycle is the fastest growing smart device supplier/recycler in the industry. We’re not the biggest fish in the sea (yet), but we work harder than everyone else to give the best customer service and bring you the best quality parts at the best possible prices. We’re not for everyone and we would never want to be. If you’re looking for the cheapest parts at the cheapest price and a “customer be dam*ed” attitude, then we’re probably not a good fit. However, if you want to partner with a company that cares about your customers as much as you do, then come on in - the water’s just fine!

We’ve Been There

If your version of the American Dream involves pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and starting a business then come join the club. At LCDcycle we eat, sleep and breathe entrepreneurship. That’s how LCDcycle began and that’s what we love supporting within our customers.

In 2010 we came into this world kicking and screaming. We cut our teeth with a repair shop that quickly grew to several locations and tons of industry experience. It didn’t take long to see that there was a huge opportunity before us. Our mission today is to support the industry by cutting out the headache of ordering directly from China and the sketchiness of buying out of the back of some dude’s ‘98 Buick Skylark (respectfully).


Let me take this time to answer a few Qs

Q: Ok...so what do you do exactly?

A: We provide top notch wireless parts and also recycle broken LCD assemblies.


Q: Talk is cheap. What have you done to show that you care about your customers?

A: For starters, we were the first distributor to offer a lifetime guarantee (I’m not saying everyone copied us, but…;).


Q: I found a guy that says he has the same quality LCDs. Why is he 25% cheaper?

A: There isn’t a secret back alley in China where they sell LCDs at a 25% discount. Believe me, I’ve been there and you don’t want anything that comes out of a back alley. It’s not the same quality.