About our Parts

As a repair shop, we had competitors that tried to be everything, while specializing in nothing. "We fix phones! We fix computers! We fix TVs!" We decided early on that in order to be really really good at something, we needed to specialize in something. Therefore the only services we offer, AKA our expertise and specialization is in iPhone LCD recycling and high quality wholesale parts sales! We don't cater to Joe the Plumber who wants to see if he can fix his wife's iPhone with a new screen, although Joe is a great guy as well. We serve repair shops, because this is who we relate to!

As a repair shop we didn't want to be forced to choose between the following:

  • Option 1: Expensive yet high quality Grade A retail-priced parts. ex: Etrade Supply.
  • Option 2: Affordable yet questionable parts from China, with 2-week shipping times, customs hold-ups, $200 shipping costs and horrendous return policies. 
  • Option 3: Cheap grade B-C eBay parts, with 40-60%.
  • Option 4: Cheap grade B-C parts from other shady, outdated websites, with the same 40-60% defective rates, and little to no return policy.

Do these options sound familiar? We encountered these problems all the time as a repair shop! What was our solution? To be the change we wanted to see in the industry! We undertake the risk and headache associated with ordering in bulk from China so you can have ALL of these options:

  • Highest Quality Parts Available in the Market. Cold Press Glue Only.
  • Always same day free shipping! If the post office closes in 5 minutes and an order comes in, we will bust our butts to get that order filled so you can get it ASAP!
  • Most of our customers receive their packages next day (on the house).
  • Returns? We don't berate or question your logic for returning parts to us. If the markings on the parts are ours and the parts aren't damaged, we'll take them back for a full refund or replacement - no questions asked.
  • Restocking fees are an insult to your intelligence. We don't believe in them.
  • eBay prices, without all the eBay crap! You don't need to sacrifice price to order our high quality parts!

We can offer such liberal return policies because we believe in the quality of our parts! To claim that we have 0% defective parts would be a lie. Everyone knows the market these days but whats important is getting the customer service you deserve and accepting all returns regardless of when you ordered them.

If you have questions about our parts ordering please don't hesitate to call us at (256) 881-7255!